Active Learning 

Our young students learn by doing, learn by playing, and learn by touch in addition to the traditional classroom setting. GAC's redesigned outdoor space now facilitates all types of learning and growing. 

Outdoor and indoor learning environments collectively support child development. We are developing programs that expand student interest, confidence and retention in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Our Elementary science curriculum is integrated with real world experimentation and hands-on learning.

The Environmental Center

The goal of the Environmental Learning Center is to display and demonstrate to students how to practice Creation Care and be good stewards of our planet. Students will be intimately involved in planning, implementing, and managing all aspects of the center. 

Environmental Center Features:
  • Expanded Teaching Garden 

  •  Outdoor Fish Hatchery 

  • Student-Directed Greenhouse 

  •  Composting 

  • Chicken Coop

  •  Turtle Pond 

  • Hydroponics


The Adventurescape 

The Adventurescape allows students to do more than just play with the individual pieces of equipment. They are able to move from piece to piece and truly experience an adventure.

Adventurescape Features:
  • Climbing Towers

  • Safety Cushioning 

  • 3-Story Tall Slides 

  • Zip Line

  • Swings

  •  Four Square Gaming Area

  • Alligator & Snake To Jump Over


Think Room

The Elementary Think Room provides a flexible learning environment for teachers and students to quickly create a learning space that best fits the needs of a particular activity or project.

Think Room Features:
  • Flexibility – Endless arrangement of resources and students for learning purposes.

  • Creativity & Collaboration – From different furniture to multiple technologies to flexible spaces – creativity and collaboration are encouraged for maximum learning. 

  • Student Centered – Focus on keeping the student engaged while the teacher is mobile in the classroom space.

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