Dance Team

Date  Performance  Location Time 
10/1 JV Halftime Performance Stadium 5:30 PM
10/30 Grandparents Day Performances The Forum, Sara D. Williams Fine Arts
Center, Clif Jones Theatre
10/30 Football Game Half Time Performance Stadium 7:30 PM
11/1 GHSSDC Gold Team competes Clayton State Univerisy 8:00 AM
-12:00 PM
11/7-8 Tremaine Dance Convention
and Compeition
Crown Plaza Atlanta Perimeter at Ravinia All Day
11/13 Varsity Basketball Half Time Performance 
Red & Gold Team
The Forum 6:00 PM
12/1 Basketball Game
Half Time Performance
The Forum 7:30 PM
12/5 Let's Light the Night  GAC Campus 2:00-
7:00 PM
1/12 Basketball Game
Halftime Performance
The Forum &:30 PM
1/15-16 Youth Concert Series  Gwinnett Performing
Arts Center
2/6 UDA Georgia Dance Championship 
-All Teams
McIntosh High School  All Day
2/8 Atlanta Hawks Pre-Game Performance Philips Arena  8:00 PM
2/26-28 Showstopper Competition Georgia International
Convention Center
All Day
3/11-13 Starpower Competition  Georgia World Congress All Day
4/15-17 Jump Convention and Competition Hilton Atlanta All Day
4/23 School of Ballet Spring Recital A Sara D. Williams Fine Arts
Center, Clif Jones Theatre
7:00 PM
4/24 School of Ballet Spring Recital B Sara D. Williams Fine Arts
Center, Clif Jones Theatre
3:00 PM






Grade Name  Grade

Jada Jones

11  Tori Eberhart  8

Nicole Smartt

11  Kendal Rowland

Jordan Williams

11  Abby Cole

Aliyah Young

Abagale Payne

Jasmine Jones

Nicole Griffin

Rosemary Osbon

10  Olivia Finazzo

Jena Malone

10  Veronica Osbon

Maya Joglekar

10  Melissa Gonzalez  6







Brooke King


Claire Kim


Makenzie Griffin


Michelle Gonzalez


Irene Kim


Taylor McIntosh


Camryn Marion


Lorelei Osborn


Kaitlyn Wright


Camila Trejo


View 2014-15 Awards

Awards 2015-­2016

Georgia High School State Dance Competition - Sunday, November 1, 2015
2nd place Overall
1st place, Performing Arts Division with "Free"
2nd place, Dance Team Division, Pom with "Not Backin' Down"


Tremaine Dance Convention and Competition - Friday, November 6-Sunday, November 8, 2015
Jada Jones: 2nd overall Senior Jazz Soloist
Jada and Jasmine Jones: 1st overall Senior Musical Theatre Duo/Trio
Jasmine Jones: Convention Scholarship Winner 
Jada Jones: Senior Year Long Scholarship Winner 
Aliyah Young: Certificate of Excellence in Hip Hop

UDA Georgia Dance Championships - Saturday, February 6, 2016
1st place, Division Winner, Junior Varsity Jazz "Free"
1st place, Division Winner, Junior Varsity Pom "Not Backin' Down"
1st place, Division Winner, Elementary Jazz "Different Drum"
1st place, Division Winner, Elementary Pom "Let's Get Down to Business"

Showstopper - Friday, February 26-Sunday, February 28, 2016

Advanced Teen Duos/Trios
"Little Birds," Tori Eberhart, Olivia Finazzo and Nicole Griffin, Platinum, 2nd place in Jazz, 8th place overall
"Three Little Maids," Abby Cole, Kendall Rowland, Abagale Payne, Platinum, 1st place Musical Theatre, 7th place Overall
"Sisters," Jada and Jasmine Jones, Double Platinum, 1st place Musical Theatre, 1st place Overall

Teen Solos
Nicole Griffin, Platinum, 1st place Advanced Lyrical Jazz
Aliyah Young, Platinum, 2nd place Advanced Hip Hop

Advanced Junior Small Groups
"Different Drum," Elementary Dance Team, Platinum, 2nd place Jazz, 4th place Overall
"Get Down to Business," Elementary Dance Team, Platinum, 1st place Pom Pon, 3rd place Overall

Junior Advanced Solos
Taylor McIntosh, 1st place, Platinum, 4th place Overall
Lorelei Osbourne, 1st place, Gold, 10th place Overall
Kaitlyn Wright, 1st place, Gold, 9th place Overall
Claire Kim, 1st place, Double Platinum, 1st place Overall

Mini Advanced Solos
Makenzie Griffin, 1st place Platinum, 2nd place Overall
Camryn Marion, 1st place Platinum, 2nd place Overall

Senior Advanced Solos 
Nicole Smartt, "So Much Better," 1st place, Platinum, 6th overall; "Sign No More" 3rd place, Platinum
Jada Jones, 1st place Double Platinum, 1st place Overall

Teen Advanced Small Groups
“Free,” Gold (SH) Dance Team, 1st place Double Platinum, 5th Overall, Lyrical Jazz, Age 14
“Wake up the world,” Red (JH) Dance Team, 1st place, Platinum, Pom Pon, age 12
“Not Backing Down,” Gold (SH) Dance Team, 1st place Platinum, 7th Overall, Pom Pon, age 13-14
“Glow,” Red (JH) Dance Team, 1st place, Platinum, 10th overall, age 12,
“All the Lights,” Elementary, Red, and Gold Dance Teams, 1st place, Double Platinum, 1st place Overall

Starpower - Friday, March 11-Sunday, March 13, 2016

All Star - Solo 9-11
Claire Kim, 5 stars, 1st place Jazz, 1st Place Overall
Taylor McIntosh, 4 3/4 stars, 1st Place Tap, 10th Overall
Lorelei Osborne, 4 3/4 stars, 9th Overall
Kaitlyn Wright, 4 3/4 stars, 5th Overall

All Star, Solo, 12-14
Aliyah Young, 4 3/4 stars, 1st place Hip Hop
Nicole Griffin, 4 3/4 stars

All Star 12-14 Duo/Trio 
“Little Bird,” Nicole Griffin, Olivia Finazzo, and Tori Eberhart, 4 3/4 stars 1st place Duet/Trio age 12, Jazz, 6th Overall
“Three Little Maids,” Abagale Payne, Abby Cole, and Kendall Rowland, 4 3/4 stars, 1st Place Duet/Trio, age 12-14, Musical Theatre, 8th overall

All Star, Solo, 7-8
Makenzie Griffin, 4 3/4 stars, 1st place Acro, 1st place Overall, "A Star is Born" Special Recognition Ribbon
Camryn Marion, 4 3/4 stars, 1st place Jazz, 2nd Overall, 2nd Overall Photogenic Award

All Star, Small Group, age 7-8
Elementary Jazz, 5 stars, 1st place jazz, 1st place overall
Elementary Pom, 5 stars, 1st place Pom, 2nd place Overall

All Star, Solo, age 15-18
Nicole Smartt, 5 stars, 1st Place Musical Theatre, 7th Place Overall, Power Pak Winner!

All Star, Small Group, age 12-14
JH Jazz, 4 3/4 Stars, 1st place Jazz, age 12
SH Jazz, 5 Stars, 1st place Lyrical, age 14, 10th Overall
JH Pom, 4 3/4 Stars
SH Pom, 4 3/4 Star, 1st place Pom ages 12-14

All Star Line age 12-14
"All of the Lights" Elementary, JH, SH, 5 stars, 1st place Lyrical, 4th place overall

Jump Dance Convention and Competition - Friday, April 15-Sunday, April 17, 2016

“All the Lights” Teen (13-15), Extended Line: Elementary, JH, and SH Teams, Lyrical:  GOLD

“Baby June” Mini (8-10) Soloist: Lorelei Osborne, Musical Theatre:  GOLD

“Chimneys” Teen (13-15), Soloist: Jada Jones, Jazz:  GOLD

“Different Drum” Mini (8-10), Group: Elementary Team, Jazz:  GOLD

“Echo” Junior (11-12), Soloist: Nicole Griffin, Lyrical:  GOLD

“Firebird” Teen (13-15), Line: SH Team with members from Ballet 6, Ballet:  GOLD

“Free” Teen (13-15) Group:  SH Team, Lyrical:  GOLD

“Get Down to Business” Mini (8-10) Group: Elementary Team, Specialty (Pom Pon), GOLD

“Glow” Junior (11-12) Junior (11-12) Group: JH Team, Jazz:  GOLD

“Little Bird” Junior (11-12) Duo/Trio:  Tori Eberhart, Olivia Finazzo, Nicole Griffin, Jazz:  GOLD

“Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile” Mini (8-10) Soloist:  Claire Kim, Jazz:  GOLD

“Not Backing Down” Teen (13-15) Group:  SH Team, Specialty (Pom Pon): GOLD

“Rockin’ Robin” Mini (8-10) Soloist: Taylor McIntosh, Tap:  GOLD, $250 Scholarship Winner

“Shake a Tail Feather” JUMPstarts (5-7) Soloist:  Makenzie Griffin, Specialty (Acro): GOLD, 3rd Overall

“Sigh No More” Teen (13-15) Soloist:  Nicole Smartt, Contemporary: High Gold

“Three Little Maids” Teen (13-15) Duo/Trio:  Abby Cole, Abagale Payne, Kendall Rowland, Musical Theatre:  GOLD

“Wake Up the World” Junior (11-12) Group:  JH Team, Specialty (Pom Pon):  GOLD

“Without You” Mini (8-10) Soloist:  Kaitlyn Wright, Lyrical:  GOLD, $250 Scholarship Winner

“You Can’t Stop Me” Teen (13-15) Soloist: Aliyah Young, Hip-Hop:  GOLD, $250 Scholarship Winner

“You Love Me” JUMPstarts (5-7), Soloist:  Camryn Marion, Jazz:  GOLD, $250 Scholarship Winner

Jordan Williams:  $250 Scholarship Winner


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