Flexible Classrooms

Doing what is right for students means looking to the future.

If we take a quick look back, student resources already reflect the changing times. Textbooks are online. Grades and assignments are accessible from any where in the world. Teachers can reach students 24 hours a day with such things as online help sessions, podcasts, and even Twitter. 

So what does this mean for the future classroom?

GAC faculty and administration are looking ahead by piloting four different classroom settings. Even within those four, there are countless arrangements of students, furniture and equipment. From moving all the desks out of the way for kinesthetic learning, to providing small group spaces for collaboration and teacher interaction, learning spaces at GAC are starting to look different.


  • Flexibility – Endless arrangement of resources and students for learning purposes.

  • Creativity & Collaboration – From different furniture to multiple technologies to flexible spaces – creativity and collaboration are encouraged for maximum learning. 

  • Student Centered – Focus on keeping the student engaged while the teacher is mobile in the classroom space.

  • In the field testing by and for students on what best practices work for GAC students.


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