Learning Your Way 

Have it your way!

At GAC, we ask how we can provide a learning environment that meets these expectations – and then exceed them. Can we offer an educational arena that is customized? GAC has figured out how to go above and beyond the typical requirements of small student-teacher ratios, high test scores, and nice brick and mortar. Why not go further and let students learn their way with exceptional teaching and unlimited choices?


  • Students are encouraged and guided to improve on their weaknesses
    and REACH BEYOND their current abilities
  • Students are allowed to make their own CHOICES about paths of learning
  • Each student is KNOWN AND LOVED by adults of strong character at GAC
  • Learning is DISTINCTIVE for each student
 Reach Beyond
We challenge your child’s intellect.

Your child deserves the opportunity to learn his or her way. Children need teachers who will provide choices and motivate, engage and challenge them to explore the boundaries of their strengths. Traditional skills such as reading, writing, listening, speaking, drawing, creating, measuring, and comparing are still taught and valued. New skills such as digital collaboration and communication, filming, recording, and “Googling” are now offered as learning options with the inclusion of strong technology tools such as iPads, smart boards, MacBook Airs, and multiple displays.

We intentionally design programs and resources to enable our students to acquire knowledge the way they learn best.

  • Elementary Think Room (1st–5th) helps students discover their learning style

  • Reading Coaches (1st–5th) help students develop their skills

  • Arrowsmith (K–5th) strengthens neuro-pathways

  • Junior High Honors and Senior High AP Courses help students excel in their strongest areas

  • Blended Learning Classrooms (6th–12th) increase student learning options and allow time for growing interests in arts and athletics

  • Academic Support (6th–12th) provides assistance in academics

We help your child explore his or her interests and strengths.

GAC students will make a difference in the future because they are offered the choice of making a difference now. From the study in 6th grade social studies of urban development in Ancient Rome to the science of super heroes in PLUS1, from creating duct-tape bridges in Elementary to attending a real autopsy in Senior High, teachers are providing unique learning options and are motivating students to get excited about learning – their way. What is your child interested in? If your child wants an individualized education, that means we must provide a multitude of options and opportunities for students to explore, learn, and create.

  • Fine Arts events, productions, concerts, and recitals allow students at every ability level to explore and showcase their talents

  • Athletic and academic teams help students develop and hone skills such as collaboration, competition, excellence, and commitment that translate to life

  • Zero Hour and PLUS1 classes provide options for students to explore interests outside of the typical core curriculum (forensics, archaeology, coding, robotics, etc.)

  • Life Calling curriculum encourages Senior High students to understand their God-given uniqueness as they are launched into the next phase of life

  • Chapel Class and Chapel Band provide students a spiritual outlet to plan and lead worship – and to encourage spiritual growth in the lives of their peers

 Known and Loved
We will strengthen your child’s character.

Do you desire for your child to become a leader, an innovator, an educator or a missionary? We must give our children opportunities now to develop the skills that will mold them into adults. GAC will set opportunities before your child where they can lead (small group leaders, student council or SALT “Students Advancement Leadership Team”), collaborate with others (athletic teams and clubs), create new designs (fine arts programs), and serve others (local and global mission trips, required service hours each semester).

GAC raises students with servant hearts and strong character.

  • Junior High and Senior High mission trips (over 20 options annually)

  • Community service projects (K-12th) Roaring Readers, Agape Christmas Gifts, food and coat drives, Sweets for Seniors, and Promganza, etc.

  • Over 70 athletic teams compete under the Spartan banner. Sportsmanship, working as part of a team, athletic skills, and fitness for life are foundational pieces.

  • SALT and Student Councils work with and for the student body to provide direction and leadership from a student’s perspective. As the students learn to lead and follow each other, they learn to collaborate and reach decisions.

We go above and beyond with distinctive curriculum.

With opportunities to learn about God’s creation around us (Elementary Environmental Center), adapting to what’s next in technology (PLUS1 programming and coding class), and dreaming and creating (Senior High Design Thinking class), your child will be prepared to be an even deeper thinker and a world changer.

  • Elementary Environmental Center enables young Spartans to study sustainability, ecology, and biology

  • JH PLUS1 classes in programming, coding, forensics, leadership, journalism, design thinking, robotics, engineering, physics, art, and more promote “outside of the box” thinking

  • Electives encourage students to work together, identify problems, plan solutions, and implement ideas for the future

Your child will be prepared. Each will leave his or her own unique imprint on the world. As our graduates head for Harvard, United States Military Academy, or a school in the SEC, they exit with the tools to make decisions about God’s plan for their life.


Marla Boren

Vice President of Learning Initiatives


Greater Atlanta Christian School

1575 Indian Trail Road, Norcross, GA 30093    770.243.2000    info@greateratlantachristian.org