Senior High

Rigorous. Personalized. Prepared.

Our Senior High is large enough to provide the programs and offer the facilities of a AAAAA high school, yet small enough where every student is known, celebrated, and encouraged to become a successful citizen of the world. Comments such as, “I feel I have so many choices here," or “this school is more like a college campus”, are heard often among our 750 high school students.

From mission trips and local service projects to rigorous academics and challenge-based learning, from a high-caliber fine arts department to a state-winning athletic program, unlimited potential is here. Our students are consistently challenged to strive for excellence in all they do.

Our graduates are accepted to and succeed in top-level universities and colleges because they are prepared. Our faculty is committed to the ministry of training  growing future Christian servant-leaders.

Graduating seniors of 2015 were offered more than 12.6 million dollars in college scholarships to some of the finest colleges and universities in the United States and abroad.


New Program - Principles of Biblical Stewardship

GAC is partnering with Indiana Wesleyan University and Ron Blue, founder of Kingdom Advisors, to launch a new 6-week pilot program to teach students about the principles of biblical stewardship. The course is designed to teach Senior High students what Scripture says about money and finances. God's word speaks authoritatively on financial decisions and this new curriculum will unpack the core ideas of how "God owns it all" and then educate them on to manage and use their resources responsibly and wisely.

Hear more about the curriculum from Senior High Principal Scott Harsh and lead teachers Jordan House, Jessica Ly, and Derek Wilson.
*This program was made possible by the Path Forward Capital Campaign.


Leadership takes many forms for students at GAC. Students connect with God and a community of believers through student led chapels. They connect with each other via intentional relationships in mentoring, student council, small groups, and extracurriculars. Opportunities also abound around the globe for students to participate in mission trips, service projects, and study abroad programs. 

Our vibrant curriculum ensures students receive exposure to a wide range of disciplines as well as the freedom to pursue particular areas of interest and talent. Our offerings supply the rigor and relevance necessary to provide our students with the preparation for, and access to, the most selective colleges. To supplement our college preparatory curriculum and stretch even our most capable students, we offer 21 Advanced Placement (AP), 24 honors courses, and academic support programs. While the course names may be the same, education is different in the 21st century. It's not just memorize and test, but apply, synthesize, and evaluate in a classroom that is pushing students to utilize the very best of the tools available to them.

Each SH Junior (11th) participates in a Life Calling course. By providing an environment rich in discussion and self discovery, students are “launched” to college knowing who they are and what they want. College counselors provide students and families a rich level of support in searching for, applying to, and ultimately choosing a college or university. Our students matriculate to Ivy League schools, prestigious public and private universities, as well as those closer to home. Because of their rich involvement in missions and service, SH students understand their place in giving to their local and global community.

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Senior High Leaders

Dean of Students Dr. Caleb Panter
Dean of Academics Dr. Betty Morris
Principal Scott Harsh
Dean of Students Charles Edwards 



Tina Martin

Administrative Assistant 


Suzanne Landreth

Administrative Assistant


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